Manchester Private Investigators


ISN's surveillance operatives are professionally trained to conduct covert observations on any location where a target might happen to be and then to follow him to wherever he may happen to go. Many surveillance operations have begun in a densely populated urban area and finished up hundreds of miles away sometimes in an isolated rural environment or even abroad. To that end ISN's operatives always prepare for the long haul and consider the implications of potential developing scenarios as a matter of course; making dynamic risk assessments is a routine event.

When it is anticipated that a target is about to travel abroad, arrangements can be made for ISN's network to continue the surveillance overseas. However, if it is anticipated that the product of the surveillance is likely to be placed before a British Court or Tribunal etc., UK operatives are normally better placed to continue the surveillance themselves so as to maintain evidential continuity. This also prevents a need for surveillance operatives domiciled abroad to travel to the UK to give evidence in due course.

Over the years ISN has conducted investigations and surveillance across Europe and as far as the USA and Australia, including by air and at sea.


The delivery from a successful surveillance operation can include the provision of a comprehensive surveillance package, including reports, video stills and mapping together with professionally edited video footage of an individual's activities; or movement of people, vehicles or items of property at a targeted location. Surveillance operatives can afterwards prepare witness statements and give evidence before an industrial tribunal, or a civil or criminal court, if essentially required.


Confidentiality, honesty and discretion are paramount at all times. Formal records of ISN's operational activities are accurately maintained. Original surveillance logs, video films and any other evidential material gathered in the course of an investigation are assembled in accordance with nationally approved guidelines and afterwards retained in a secure environment. Original material can be made available for inspection upon request.